Fibre Wrapping

A Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite is defined as a polymer (plastic) matrix, either thermoset or thermoplastic, that is reinforced (combined) with a fibre or other reinforcing material with a sufficient aspect ratio(length to thickness) to provide a discernable reinforcing function in one or more directions. There are several situations in which a civil structure would require strengthening or rehabilitation due to lack of strength, stiffness, ductility and durability. Some common situations where a structure needs strengthening during its lifespan are

  • Seismic retrofit according to current code requirements.
  • Upgraded loading requirements; damage by accidents and environmental conditions.
  • External Initial design flaws
  • Change of usage.



Cube Testing is done extensively over cylindrical and rectangular cubes with Fibre wrapped system and they show improved enhancement in their flextural and compressive strengths.

  • Tesile Strength ASTM D-3039-93
  • Pull- off test