Repairs Efficacy, JNPT

repairs efficacy

In collaboration with Sardar Patel college of Engineering, tests and instrumentation was carried out in the three spans of the JNPT bridge at Karal. Different NDT tests were carried out and sensors were installed at various loacations to asses effect of rehabilitation. Following is the detail

  • NDT tests consisted of Rebound Hammer test and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity test to assess the quality and durability of concrete present.
  • Measurement of deflection using linear Potentiometers mounted at the center of bridge at the bottom face.
  • Measurement of Flexural Strains and shear strains with foil type strain gauges mounted at centre of girder at bottom face and at the end at an angle of 45 deg.
  • Measurement of change in crack-width using omega type displacement transducers. Which were tested on full capacity loading.
  • Measurement of vibrations before and after strengthening by piezoelectric accelerometer and full load moving truck to induce vibration according to IS codes results have shown reduction in strains and vibrations hence showing the effect of strengthening.