Water-Proofing and Construction Chemicals

Water Proofing InsideTechnological improvements and breakthroughs are occurring on a daily basis. Over time today’s waterproofing membranes such as polyurethanes, acrylics and polyesters have become popular. But it doesn’t stop there with increase in demand for more sopheticated and effective waterproofing prooducts new reseacrh have spurned causing new technologies available in the construction chemical industries for various needs. We have developed products using technologies like nano-material technology which enhances the properties and effectiveness of these compounds significantly.

Some of our products for waterproofing and repairs are, Water-Proofing, Repairs and Construction chemical Product Range

  • R & M Nano-Proof-51 A single component emulsion which is NANO enhanced, Waterborne, Economical, ECOFRIENDLY, User-friendly (nil minerals) and is having multiple applications. It Very well compatible with Cement. It is also UV resistant. It is easy to use and very well suited for internal and external building applications. roofs, terraces and chajja’s are the main areas of application.

  • R & M Nanopoxy-23/75 It is a 2K waterborne ECONOMIC, User-friendly, ECOFRIENDLY, Flexible Epoxy Composition, enhanced with NANO and other performance additives. It is used with either white or grey cement and has very good compatibility with Cement. It is a heavy duty compound and is very well suited for swimming pools, podiums gardens like areas.

  • R & M Integral-Waterproof Integral Water-Proofing liquid Compound for Plaster and Concrete. It gives concrete improved cohesion and acts as a plasticizer.

  • R & M WaterRepell DL-WR is a Single Component Coating which is Economical, Ecofriendly, Waterborne, Nonflammable, Water and Oil Repellent. It is applied on Porous surfaces like Plaster, Concrete, Paper, Wood, Bricks, Stones, Fabrics, Cardboards, Asbestos cement sheets, Gypsum Boards, POP, etc. DL-WR is Transparent which results into performance water and oil repellent surface. It is ready to use by brush or spray application.

  • EPDM Water proofing Membranes Membranes made of bituminous material provides good water-proofing to roofs, terraces and other large areas of applications.

  • R & M Rust-Killer This Coating is a liquid formulation which is non-acidic, water borne, eco-friendly, non-flammable, user-friendly rust inhibitive type Rust Killer. It has excellent use as reinforcement coating during rehabilitation of old structures.

  • R & M Bondagent Dl-BA is a very flexible polymer based bonding agent having tack for strong bond between old and new cementitious substrates. DL-BA finds extensive use as a bonding aid for new and old concrete / mortar. Also applicable for bonding brick slips, tiles, stones, wall cappings, repointing brick work and for protection of concrete from dampness.

  • R & M Water-Retardant DL – RET is a water reducing and retarding admixture for concrete. It is a special performance admixture for R&MC plants. It helps in achieving increased workability in all grades of concrete, increased compressive strength at economical dosage and better retention of slump values.