Turnkey Repair and Retrofitting Contracts

Apart from all specialized work which we are involved in we also take up Turnkey Projects i.e. taking all responsibilty the Project. It involves activities starting from giving solutions, designing & taking approvals and at last Execution and handing over the projects. A Turnkey Project involves many stakeholders namely the Client, Consultants, Quality Contorl Agency and the Contractors. This broadly involves the following

  • Designing and preparing proposals for the work either by ourselves or taking help of specialized agency or individual for preparing proposals.
  • Taking third party approvals for the designd and solutions proposed by us.
  • Control of schedule and maintaining it.
  • Materials procurement, control and quality checkups
  • Sub-Contracting of specific works to related contractors and maintaining proper quality and schedule.
  • Equipment and infrastructure required for project.
  • Handing over the structure to the owner in completed state which will be ready to operate state i.e. the structure can start functioning as it is supposed to be used for.