Pre-Stressing Using Carbon Laminates

Pre Stressing Inside

The pre- stressing of Carbon-Fibre laminate is a very effective way of using the high Tensile strength property to much greater extend. External prestressing with other materials of the existing structures have always been difficult especially in view of the materials to be used, reinforcement corrosion, lateral instability, end anchorages and ofcourse space constraints.

The advantages of resistance to corrosion and high specific strength make these materials ideal for reinforcing existing structures with minimum intrusion. Popular method adopted is bonding them adhesively to concrete structures The Company has developed a system which easily and effectively makes it possible to Stress the carbon laminate to a designed load and bond it adhesively to the existing structure to transfer the load on itself to support the structure.


  • Restoring the Beam and slab load carrying capacity and also giving it more strength.
  • RCC members strengthening.

Schematic of Pre-Stressing Carbon Laminates

Pre Stressing Inside