DGC Infrastructure Pvt Ltd is leading Specialised Engineering and Construction Company. We are a rapidly growing solution provider for Improvement/protection/repair of concrete/structures in India. We also take projects on ton key basis providing solutions starting from design to execution and expert consulting. Seeing the current growth and revamping of total Indian infrastructure market which includes Railways, Airports, Roads, Bridges, Hydro Power, the company plans to start offices across major cities and to have a business relationship with various international organizations. We have grown consistently over the past few years.

We specialize in the following works:


Increasing the axial, flexural strength and load carying capacity of the structural members. So that they are able to meet up the design requirements. We use innovative techniques such as Fibre Wrapping, Carbon Laminate Strenghtening, External Pre-Stressing using Carbon Laminates etc for Rehabilitation/ Strengthening of structures which are more reliable and have added advantages over conventional techniques.

Base Isolation

The integrity of a structure can be protected from the attack of severe earthquakes either through the concept of resistance or isolation. In designing a structure by resistance, all the members of a structure are designed with sufficient size to take the load elastically and allowed to undergo in the inelastic range with sufficient ductility. Such approach can prevent the collapse of the structure but not the damage i.e. the structure rendered to be unsafe after earthquake.

Water proofing and Specialized Coatings

Membranes made of bituminous material provides good water-proofing to roofs and terraces. We also have Specialized waterproofing chemicals and Coatings with Nano compounds for concrete and steels. These compounds have enhanced properties due to Nano compounds present.